Health Care Above All
Health Care Above All

You Are on a Diet ? – You Must Know This

Every girl wants to have a perfect body, especially during the summer season. Many, who decided to put an end to excess weight, choose to eat healthy but some people skip this part and instead of eating healthy they do starve their organism, which is the worst thing possible to do.


In what way our body understands diet:

1. Temporary Situation

Person with excess weight has increased percentage of fat deposits.

2. During The Diet

Since every type of diet has its own benchmarks, a certain types of food are avoided (mostly carbohydrates). But some people make a mistake because they avoid almost every types of food and starve their body.

During the starvation, we lacks of nutrients which make our body draw energy from the muscles and eject excess amounts of water. This is how fictitious results are created – fewer pounds and therefore smaller clothing size, but fat tissue is still there.

3. After The Diet

Usually after starving-diet, yo-yo effect occurs. This happens because muscles spent energy (calories), and since you have not entered any, your body will deposit even more fats. When, after all this, you return the water, yo-yo effect is inevitable. Every person who tried this kind of diet will tell you the same.

We hope that after reading this article you know more about what some diets can do to your body. But besides physical consequences there may be psychological consequences such as depression, disappointment, fear of future failure etc.

If you really want long-lasting results, more energy and vitality, you should eat healthy and moderate. This way you will balance your diet and your body will thank you for that.