This Natural Remedy Will Keep You Safe From Cancer And 101 Other Diseases!

Today we will present you a unique recipe invented by an oncologist and it is successfully included in treatments of the most dangerous diseases in today’s world. To prepare this recipe you will need:

  • 15 ripe lemons
  • 12 garlic heads
  • 1 kg/ 35 oz organic honey
  • 400 grams/14 oz wheat sprouts
  • 400 grams/14 oz walnuts

Grind wheat sprouts in a coffee grinder. Grind garlic and nuts together and add 5 lemons (do not peel them). Use food processor to grind garlic nuts and lemons. Use only the juice of the remaining 10 lemons, and add it to the mixture. Add honey and stir well.

Keep the mixture in sterilized jars and be sure the lidsĀ  are well closed. Store the jars in a fridge. You can use the prepared mixture after it rests for 3 days in the fridge.


Tip 1: Take 1-2 tablespoons 30 minutes before breakfast, lunch, dinner and bedtime, or
Tip 2: In cases of oncologic diseases – take 1-2 tablespoons in every 2 hours

  • This unique combination has beneficial effect on your overall health:
  • Helps in treatments of heart and blood vessels diseases,
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Cleans liver, kidney and respiratory tract
  • Cleans digestive system in cases of pathogenic microflora
  • Improves brain activity and memory
  • Protects against heart attack, stroke and improves the way of life after having these diseases
  • Revitalizes the body after surgery – it is the best natural agent against tumors and cancers,
  • Keeps your freshness, beauty, youth, energy, because it contains all the necessary vitamins, minerals, bioactive substances, proteins, carbohydrates and fat.

Bob says:

My goodness people. Take your time and read the directions. Anyone who realizes that can figure out what is being said. I knew how to do it from the first read through. As for the measurements and downsizing the recipe, you can just google those equivalents and you can figure it out yourself.

Thanks for the recipe. I have been reading that extremely high doses of vitamin C given through an IV can cure cancer. The doses that they are experimenting with are anywhere from 30,000 mgs. to 300,000 mgs., or something like that. I would much rather go this or that rout then to do Chemo or Radiation.

Thanks again.

anna says:

i would like to receive your newsletter daily in my inbox, instead looking into facebook everyday. I truly appreciate your intellectual information very useful. Thank you so much. Anna Mannarino

admin says:

Dear Anna,
We are working on our newsletter and soon will be done.

Mira says:

Hi, is wheat sprouts same as wheat grass, and would I take only if I have any of the above illnesses or can I take it as a preventative?

admin says:

Dear Mira,
Wheat sprouts are sprouted seeds from which you can grown wheat grass and you can take it as a preventative.

Janet says:

I am allergic to nuts. Is there a substitute?

admin says:

Janet for this remedy it is recommended to use nuts for its preparation. But Sunflower seeds are perfect substitute for nuts.

Leslie says:

Do I use raw walnuts and if so do I soak the walnuts first?

admin says:

You can use raw walnuts.

Marcus says:

Can you send a link that helps people with low IQ scores follow simple recipe’s? Thank you in advance!

carl giddens says:

ty for the video yall sent me about sprouting wheat. one last question do i wiegh the sprouts or use a measurring cup. and ty very much for the help

admin says:

Dear Carl,
Use a measuring cup.

carl giddens says:

i went out bought a food processer and all the ingreediants except wheat sprouts. could not find anywere. i used wheat germ. will this help me or does it have to be wheat sprouts. i did find some organic whole grain wich they said is wheat seed. kamut-khorasan wheat im trying to grow my own sprouts. i maid a batch using wheat germ-any good or should i keep trying to get wheat sprouts. ty

admin says:

Dear Carl,
For this natural remedy you must use wheat sprouts. If you found wheat seed then it is very easy to grow your own sprouts. Just keep trying.
Here is one video that we think can be helpful for you:

Mariela says:

Do I need to peel a garlic cloves?

admin says:

Yes you need to peel the garlic cloves.

karen Bennett says:

After the three days resting, how long will it last in the fridge?

How long would you keep taking it?

Thank you!

admin says:

Dear Karen,
You can use this remedy for a few months or more…

Bonnie Timm says:

Why only few months. Can’t it be used longer to stay healthy

admin says:

Dear Bonnie,
Yes you can use this remedy for a long time to keep you and your body healthy.

Doctor Jonson says:

This works even better if you use Brussel Sprouts instead of Wheat Sprouts. I tried it and I haven’t gotten cancer. I think Brussel Sprouts ward off cancer cells better than wheat sprouts. I also recommend adding a teaspoon of ketchup to help ward off brain tumors.

luz m. rios says:

my husband has been diagnosed with glioblastoma multioform
and is now on oral chemo and radiation. Do you think this would help him.

kari says:

ok, when you say wheat sprouts……….do you mean soak wheat until it sprouts and then dehydrate dry before grinding up with the walnuts or are we to grind them out of the sprouting jar damp? how long will this concoction last in the refrigerator?

admin says:

Dear Kari, here is one video that can help you how to sprout wheat:

june enver says: you mea 12 heads of garlic or 12 cloves. i have just been diagnosed with epiretinal membrain. do you think this will help me.thank you

admin says:

Dear June,
We mean 12 heads of garlic not 12 cloves.
We are not sure does this remedy can help for epiretinal membrane, but before using this remedy we recommend you to consult with your doctor about some side effects.

StevenRoss says:

There must be a way to pare this down,
to try it without using such a large amount of ingredients.

admin says:

Yes Steven, you can make half of this dose, all you need is to take half amount of all ingredients

Julie abutazil says:

I dont know where to get wheat sprout is it the same with monggo sprout

maureen says:

Do you have to seperate the wheat sprout from the seed? Is there anything else that can be used if you have a wheat intolerance.

admin says:

Dear Maureen,
yes you need to separate the wheat sprout from the seeds.
Unfortunately you can’t use anything else instead wheat sprout for this recipe

maureen says:

Hi love your posts.
How long does this mixture
Last for.

admin says:

Thank you Maureen!
This mixture will lasts about a week.

Kay Noble says:

My husband is allergic to walnuts, do I have to use them or can I use something else?

admin says:

Dear Kay Noble,
instead walnuts he can use peanuts or seeds (pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds).

Lauren says:

oh my god this people are seriously thick .. poor administrator … comun sense please .. use comun sense ..

Lynda Sanders says:

I’m confused about the amount of garlic.
Is it twelve whole garlics or twelve cloves?
I am a cancer survivor (multiple myeloma)
Diagnosed in 2010, had a stem cell transplant
In Jan. 2011. I’m currently in remission, but
Am very interested in natural treatments
That will help me to stay cancer free.

admin says:

Dear Lynda,
It is twelve whole garlic heads.
Follow us, there will be more useful and effective natural remedies that can cure or prevent many diseases.

Michael says:

What happens if you are allergic to walnuts?

admin says:

Michael if you are allergic to walnuts you can use peanuts or seeds (pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds).

Sharon says:

You say whole lemons without peeling. We are grounding up whole lemons? What about the seeds? Can we do this all in food processor or blender that grounds?
Want to make sure I have this recipe right in American quantity, please confirm

15 ripe lemons
12 garlic heads- these are the bulb type pieces in whole garlic?
35 Oz organic honey
9 Oz wheat sprouts
9 Oz walnuts
Plus the instructions

Take this forever ?

admin says:

Dear Sharon,
Ground wheat sprouts in a coffee grinder. Use food processor to grind garlic nuts and lemons.

Here is the American metric:
15 ripe lemons
12 garlic heads
1 kg/35 oz organic honey
400 grams/14 oz wheat sprouts
400 grams/14 oz walnuts

Take this until you get well.

Terri says:

This recipe seems easy but instrutions are lacking in detail and very confusing. I too need the american non metric details however 35 oz would equal a little over 4 cups not 3. So on the first 5 lemons, are we blending them? Grinding them in the coffee grinder? Or can you just put all of this in the food processer and add the lemon juice after that?

admin says:

Dear Terri,
Use food processor to grind garlic nuts and note peeled lemons.

Lauren says:

Is there a smaller recipe? If so can you give me the breakdown? Thank you!

admin says:

Yes Lauren, you can make half of this dose, all you need is to take half amount of all ingredients.

Mac says:

I assume the ground wheat sprouts is to be added to the garlic and walnuts.
Can we ground the wheat sprouts together with garlic and walnuts? if not, when do we mix them together?
How much qty (ml) id 1Kg of honey? I ask this only because what we have here in the market are sold based on quantity (ml/fl.oz.) rather that weight.
Can we use Wild Honey, instead?


admin says:

Dear Mac,
First ground the wheat sprouts, then ground garlic and walnuts together and then you can mix them with the grounded wheat sprouts.
1 kg of honey is 35 oz (2.2 lbs/3 cups), and yes you can use wild honey.

Judith says:

The instructions are not clear to me, I need some clarification if you can.

Ground wheat sprouts in a coffee processor, do you mean coffee grinder?

Ground garlic and nuts together and add lemons without peeling, do you mean in a blender or a juicer?

And last what is the American amount of honey at 1 kg of organic honey and 400 grams each of walnuts and wheat sprouts.

I thank you in advance. I guess I am not the brightest star in the sky.

Judith DeSalvo

admin says:

Dear Judith,

Yes we mean coffee grinder.
Add ground garlic and nuts together and lemons without peeling in a blender.
1kg honey = 2.2 pounds
400 grams each of walnuts and wheat sprouts = 0.9 pounds

debrasalamone says:

Okay, I got the Ground wheat sprouts in a coffee processor. Ground garlic and nuts together and add 5 lemons, do not peel. Are you talking about in the grounder or throw them in a jar whole. I really would like to try this, but I want to do it right. Then squeeze the remaining 5 over the whole thing. Can we have pics

admin says:

Dear Debra,

Add ground garlic, nuts and 5 whole lemons. And squeeze the juice of the remaining 19 lemons in the grounder.

Lori Milbrath says:

You grind the wheat sprouts in the coffee grinder.
Then grind the garlic, walnuts and 5 lemons, together. Add ONLY the juice of the remaing 10 lemons to the mix, stir in honey and stir well.
Place in jars in fridge