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The American who Is Having Cure For Cancer Claims – Chemotherapy Is A Delusion


In an exclusive interview, the famous American publicist Edward Griffin discovers why medicine and doctors hide the real cure for cancer, and never inform people about places in the world with lowest percent of malignant diseases or even how life-threatening vaccine is.

The American writer and publicist, Edward Griffin, 81, thought that he would need 3 weeks, but it actually took three years of researching to write his quite controversial book “A world without cancer”.

In his work, the author thoroughly explains how the lack of vitamin B 17 is the reason for cancer development, and not viruses or unknown toxins.

Opposing the official pharmacy policy which, according to his words, has been successfully hiding the real cure for cancer for the last thirty years, Griffin says that today the number of people in the world earning on cancer is a lot bigger than the number of people dying of the disease.

Searching for the answer of this question, and the question why USA forbids placing vitamin B 17 on the market, the journalists talked to Griffin during the promotion of his book, “A world without cancer’ in Belgrade.

– It is true that people find it difficult to believe in the facts I have been writing about, but that does not surprise me at all. Well, scientists in 19 century thought that scurvy in sailors was a result of the mysterious insects on the deck.

Later, of course, it turned out that the lack of vitamin C caused the disease – explains the famous Californian publicist known for his researches on different topics, including terrorism, subversions, but archaeology and history as well.

What made you come to the idea and write this book?

It all started accidentally, actually it happened when my friend Richardson started using vitamin B 17 (also called leatrile or amygdalin in its clear form) at the hospital in San Francisco in the treatment of patients diagnosed with cancer.

It all happened after the famous biochemist Ernst T. Krebs woke up the public when he tried to place this medicine on the market, explaining that cancer actually means avitaminosis, or metabolism disorder caused by lack of vitamin B 17 in everyday diet.

But, your friend first tried the medicine on his dog which also had cancer?

Yes, that is how it was. And the dog was cured. After that, Richardson started applying this medicine in the therapy of his patients. First he tried the medicine on his head nurse’s husband, who supposedly had two to three weeks left. The man’s health improved significantly after he started using leatrile.

How come this medicine was prohibited in the USA?

After recovered patients started spreading their story, some people were quite worried. Especially large pharmacy quarters and official medicine administration.

Before anything, you can guess, it was all because of the huge profit cytostatics were bringing. American food and drug administration (FDA) called vitamin B 17 “simple fraud” and forbid its placement on the market.

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Which food products are rich in vitamin B 17?

It is natural chemotherapeutic agent found in 1200 plants and herbs. It is mostly found in apricot and peach bones, plums, apples, but in millet as well. Its molecule contains two sugar molecules and 1 molecule of cyanide and benzaldehyde.

If cyanide found in this molecule is responsible for eliminating malignant cells, is there any possibility of killing healthy cells as well?

Healthy cells contain enzyme that neutralizes decomposed products of vitamin B 17, and they use cyanide for metabolic synthesis of B 12, important for metabolism of hemoglobin.

In the presence of sulfur it creates thiocyanate, chemical compound responsible for regulating blood pressure, and the excess is discharged through urine.

Is it true that during your research you found data about places throughout the world where there are no patients diagnosed with cancer, such as the Hunza people in Pakistan?

This tribe exists and lives in isolated and inaccessible areas in the Himalayas. They are known for their admirably long lives and good health. In their culture it is not weird to reach the age of 100, and some people live even more than 120 years.

It is interesting that in this tribe people know nothing about money, but on the other hand their treasure is measured by the number of apricot trees each of them has.

Apricot bone is considered as the most respected food and these people consume it as Asians eat rice. Eskimos also eat food rich in vitamin B 17, and in their culture there are still no records about people diagnosed with malignant diseases.

Until some Eskimos joined the US Armed Forces?

True… After they moved and changed their diet, people started dying because of the malignant diseases.

What would you recommend to people having chemotherapy?

Not as an expert (because I am no expert), but as a normal person, I would not recommend chemotherapy to anyone. I know that I would never agree to be part of such a therapy.

I even believe that chemotherapy causes cancer. Official cancer therapies are a a big deal. People earn billions from chemotherapy and cytostatics. Not every doctor thinks money are more important than patient’s live, but it is in human nature to run after money.

Do you believe that vaccines for swine flu, avian influenza or West Nile virus are also part of the medical fraud?

Vaccines are more dangerous than beneficial. Billions of dollars go on lobbying for laws which support the use of different vaccines. I have information about many fake studies claiming how vaccines are actually healthy.

It is sad because many doctors out there do not know about this fraud, or do not even try to find out the truth.

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I’ve always believed Chemotherapy was so dangerous. I’ve watched loved ones die from the affects from Chemo. It never made an improvement, only slowly took their life away.

Currently I take a B-Complex is B-17 in most B-Complex formulas?
Also, if you want to take B-17 in the purist form. How would you prepare the Appricot seed? Could it be ground up?

Hi Chrissy,
here is how to prepare apricot seed:

I have been taking about nine [untoasted] apricot seeds each day and a friend of mine who had cancer of the nose some six years ago, had since been taking apricot seeds and his cancer never reappear!The only uncertainty about taking raw apricot seeds is that what is actual number of seeds to be taken per day to be effective for cure and prevention? Wonder whether B17 is effective for brain cancer? Hope someone with experience or have knowledge of people been cure of brain cancer by B17 would forward his advice.

A very important question when changing any diet significantly to add any vitamin, are there side effects or contraindications to B17? All this does is to take it, but if it’s altering other bodily functions (and processing cyanide), altering blood pressure regulators, etc, what is his research on the effects? It would seem almost irresponsible to advise people of health knowledge without warning of possible effects, if there are any at all. This is also very interesting information, though!

Dear Tom,

Here is the link from where you can find how to eat apricot seeds: