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Why You Should Never Consume Margarine Again

In 1869, margarine first appeared on the market as a cheap substitute for butter for the working class. However, margarine is nothing like butter. People use butter, because it is a natural, nutritious and healthy food. Margarine is completely different, a totally artificial, harmful and inedible product that most ... read more

How To Use Dark Chocolate As A Medicine

We are pretty sure that chocolate lovers will sure like this article. This is your chance to pamper yourself without feeling guilty for eating your favorite snack. Many studies have shown that dark chocolate is packed with nutrients that positively affect health. “But don’t get me wrong here… although ... read more

How to Improve Hair Health With Apple Cider Vinegar

I’ve discovered a huge amount of uses for apple cider vinegar, running from a productive skin label remover, a characteristic approach to treat burns, and the ideal common facial cleaner you can make in your own home. However there is still one application that still boggles me, particularly in ... read more
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