Clear Up Clogged Arteries & Eliminate Bad Cholesterol With This Natural Remedy


The combination of three simple ingredients will help you treat clogged arteries and eliminate any fat buildups in your blood. This drink is made of garlic, lemon and ginger.

Its provides a wide range of health benefits, and the combination of three super healthy and easily available foods will have a positive effect on your overall health.

The recipe of this miraculous elixir has been invented primarily to treat and prevent atherosclerosis, regulate elevated blood fats, prevent general fatigue, prevent and treat infections and colds, strengthen immunity, cleanse liver and improve the function of liver enzymes, stop damages caused by free radicals and many other ailments associated with heart and circulation problems.

Taking into consideration that the major problem with garlic is its strong smell and flavor, we have to mention that lemon and water completely neutralize its odor.

Here are the ingredients you need to make this elixir:


  • 4 large garlic bulbs (40 cloves)
  • 4 lemons, unpeeled
  • ginger root (3-4 cm) or 2 tbsp of ginger powder
  • 67 oz / 2l water


Wash and cut your lemons into chunks. If you do not know the origin of your lemons, if they are not organic or if they have been treated with chemicals, make sure you soak them first in some apple cider vinegar solution. Peel your garlic cloves, and blend them together with the lemon chunks and ginger.

Blend until smooth and homogenous. Transfer the blended mixture in a pot, pour in 2 liters of water and heat it until it gets to the boiling point. Stir it once in a while. Take the pot off the heat and let it cool for a while. Strain and transfer into glass bottles.

Drink your elixir every day. You should drink about 6.5 oz / 200 ml of it at least 2 hours before your meals, or in the morning before you eat or drink anything.

You can also skip the straining and drink your elixir with the tiny bits in it.

Lemon, water and heat neutralize garlic odor. Shake the bottle before every use so the bits from the bottom infuse with the liquid. This drink is amazing for older people. It restores energy and strength, and rejuvenates the body, not to mention that it also improves circulation.


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