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The Smell Of Basil Relieves Headache

Basil is a herb with pleasant smell and taste. It is used in salads, and also in various dishes and delicious specialties. It is used in food, but it is also used to produce aromatic oil. Green basil leaves contain over 100 biologically useful substances, which are amazingly healthy ... read more

Bikram Yoga Benefits

Bikram yoga improves muscle strength, reduces stress, detoxifies, regulates weight and improves mental condition. Regular exercising improves lung capacity, strengthens and straightens bones and joints become more elastic. Initial exercises of Bikram yoga consist of 26 asanas (yoga postures) and two breathing exercises. The goal is to train your ... read more

Zinc Deficiency Causes Depression

According to Japanese scientists frequent mood swings characteristic for women appear as a result of inadequate zinc intake. Scientists insist it is necessary to take 7 milligrams of zinc gluconate daily as a dietary supplement, which is enough to reduce psychological problems manifested through frequent mood swings after a ... read more

Fennel – Healing Herb And Spice

Fennel is a biennial or perennial plant that grows as self-growing herb across the Mediterranean. This herb has two subspecies and many varieties. Foeniculum dulce or Macedonian fennel is the most widely cultivated fennel variety. It is an annual plant with one stem only that grows up to 80 ... read more

3 Natural Birch Tea Recipes

Tea against edema, rheumatism and gout, tea for spring cleaning of the body… Tea against edema 5 g of birch leaves, 5 g rosemary, 5 g nettle leaves , 10 g horsetail (equisetum arvense) and 10 g of blueberry leaves. Pour 2 deciliters of boiling water over one tablespoon ... read more

How To Fight Stress And Insomnia?

1. Eight or more hours of sleep per night are essential for both health and wellbeing. During sleep the body undergoes a repair and creates a lot of important chemicals known to be part of the immune system. 2. You can lose weight and be healthier if you sleep ... read more