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Nettle – Powerful Cure For Anemic People

Nettle contains iron and it is amazingly beneficial for anemic people, mostly because it helps the creation of red blood cells. The consumption of nettle stimulates urination, reduces rheumatic pain and stimulates the secretion of milk in nursing mothers. Nettle is also largely used in cosmetics. Nettle root extract ... read more

These Three Symptoms Indicate Insufficient Water Intake

The importance of the body hydration is largely discussed, but you should also know that thirst is not the only indicator to show you that your body needs more water. Woman’s Health listed three most common symptoms of dehydration: Headache Your organism is constantly losing fluids, which means it ... read more

10 Scientifically Proven Ways To Reduce Stress

Regardless if it is work problems, friend disagreement or family related issues, everyone deals with stress. These moments require quick recovery from it, without causing harm to yourself. 1. TAKE A DEEP BREATH Whenever you take a deep breath, the cortisol level decreases and that enables you to release ... read more
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