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The Best 10 Calming Foods That Reduce Stress

Whether you have a dramatic relationship or there is just too much stress at your working place, nature offers you some relaxing solutions, ranging from a chocolate bar which reduces stress hormone level, to lavender scent which improves sleep, so we have listed 10 efficient ways to calm and ... read more

Prepare These Amazing Energy Shots To Treat Flu

Winter is the season of colds, flu and viruses, so it is always useful to have some extra recipes as a support to help you strengthen the immune system. We recommend you have a couple of shots, but alcohol-free shots, rich in vitamins and nutrients which will give you ... read more

See What Soft Drinks Do To Your Brain !

Researchers from the Macquarie University in Sidney, Australia discovered that long-term consumption of carbonated drinks can cause hyperactivity and change of hundreds proteins in the brain. Similar brain changes are noticed in various diseases, from cancer to Alzheimer’s. “Experts have conducted many researches based on the influence food rich ... read more

4 Habits That Seriously Damage Your Kidneys

Kidneys are important organs in our body because they play main roles in many body functions. They are the organs that most blood flows through during the day, which is the main reason why kidneys are the most vulnerable to damages. Today we present you some most common habits ... read more