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Health Care Above All

How to Make Vitamin C with Just One Ingredient

Most locally acquired Vitamin C supplements are hereditarily adjusted. Producers utilize hereditarily adjusted corn as one of the fixings. Most business vitamin C supplements don’t contain characteristic vitamin C. It’s regularly produced using ascorbic acid which is a synthetic chemical got from glucose.

Ascorbic acid has been demonstrated to obliterate great microbes in the gut and stifle the immune system.


Medical advantages of Orange Peels

  • One medium orange contains more than 60 flavonoids and 170 separate phytonutrients.
  • Orange peel enhances digestion. It serves to relieve gas, acid reflux, spewing and acidic eructation.
  • Orange peel assists with the respiratory system; it helps take out cough and even can enhance asthma.
  • Orange peels have anti-microbial and calming properties. Vital oil, d-limonene, contained in orange peels has capacity to advance typical liver capacity.

Instructions to Make Vitamin C with Just One Ingredient

  1. Making Vitamin C at home is super simple and won’t cost you anything.
  2. Take natural orange peels and cut them into strips
  3. Permit the peels to dry at room temperature for several days until they become crisp.
  4. When dried, grind the orange strips in any processor (I utilize an espresso processor)
  5. Take one teaspoon every day (I include it into my daily smoothies)
  6. Make sure to store in a water/air proof holder.
  7. One teaspoon of powdered orange peels will give you more Vitamin C than your body needs.