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4 Warning Signs Of Heart Attack (Video)

Although many think otherwise, heart attack rarely happens out of the blue. Actually, the body is trying to warn us a lot earlier, several days, weeks or even months before the attack. Unfortunately, when you realise that you have a heart attack, it may already be too late to ... read more

10 Great Tips On How To Protect Yourself From Mobile Phone Radiation

Many organisations throughout the world, including the World Health Organisation (WHO) warn that long-term use of mobile phones can cause serious health problems. There are numerous studies claiming mobiles to be dangerous, and others proving the opposite. This comes because the long-term effects of electromagnetic radiation on the organism ... read more

Natural Cure For Hepatitis C And HIV Discovered By Researchers

A recent study discovered that Nigella sativa, or fennel flower, contains active nutrients efficient in the fight against numerous potential deadly virus infections, hepatitis and HIV. In August, 2013, the scientific journal African Journal of Traditional Complementary and Alternative Medicine published a study, which explains exactly the effect of ... read more