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If Your Hands And Feet Are Always Cold You Probably Have Some Of These Health Conditions

You walk frozen even when it is hot outside? Your hands and feet are so cold that you struggle with warm socks and gloves every day?

One of the possible causes for this natural imbalance is the process in which the blood vessels constrict, and thus restrict the limb blood flow, so you feel extremely cold, and sometimes even pain.

In the medicine this phenomenon is called Raynaud’s syndrome, a condition in which the blood flow is especially reduced. Severe pain, numbness, and cold white fingers are the first symptoms.

Many studies have shown that women are especially sensitive to low temperatures. The reasons are complex and quite different.


It is more likely that women are affected by Lupus, an autoimmune disease, and feeling cold is one of the main symptoms.

Problems with the thyroid gland are also common cause for this condition.

Anemia and low levels of iron in the blood can affect the regulation of the body temperature, and health experts confirm that the vitamin B deficiency can also cause this condition. Besides cold hands and feet the most common symptoms are fatigue and headache. We suggest you to check the levels of iron in your blood if you have 2 of these 3 symptoms.

However, great number of women who suffer from constantly cold hands and feet have no hidden health problems. Insufficient sleep or unhealthy diet can also be the problem.

Very common cause for coldness is stress. Stress increases the adrenaline production which makes the blood vessels tighter. Therefore, we have weaker circulation.

It may come as a surprise, but adipose (fatty) tissue can adversely affect the body temperature. Adipose tissue protects the vital organs, and traps the heat around them, so the warmth can not reach to the skin surface, making you feel cold.

First aid against cold limbs

By downloading your limbs and gently shaking them you will feel better if you have cold limbs. If you do physical activities and follow a healthy diet you should get rid of this problem for good