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She Was Drinking Warm Lemon Water With Honey Every Morning for 1 Year. This is The Final Result!


Christal Davis is a young woman who shared her incredible story with million people from all around the world who simply didn’t believe in the power of natural remedies.

Her story started one year ago when she got a flu and the traditional pharmacy medicines didn’t help her at all.

“The medicines I took from the pharmacist didn’t help me at all and I was feeling weaker and weaker every day. A woman advised me to drink warm water mixed with honey and lemon every morning. My reaction was a bit skeptical at first, but I decided to take her advice since I didn’t see any other smarter solution. I got rid of the flu, but consuming the drink simply became my habit”

“I started consuming it every day and the tradition lasts for a year now. During that time my body transformed in an astonishing and unexpected way. Here are all the changes I experienced” :

  • Not once did I have a cold, nor I suffered from stomach aches.
  • I must emphasize that I have never believed in the power of the natural medicine. I was a pharmacy slave. Whenever I experienced a stomachache I immediately took a painkiller. I took various kinds of multivitamins for my chronic tiredness. You know what I mean…
  • For one year I haven’t sneezed once. My headaches are  apastime. Now I take honey and lemon wherever I go. I consume this drink even while staying in hotels, during summer and winter holidays.
  • I don’t drink coffee anymore and I wake up easily in the morning.

My honey-lemon cocktail released me from my coffee addiction. Now I feel more energetic during the whole day. I sleep excellent and I wake up smiling. Previously I needed a whole one hour to wake up. Now, I am not anxious and I don’t even remember the last time I felt some kind of tension.

I persuaded my whole family to follow my example. So, this precious year everyone from the family have a stronger immune system and none of us got colds or flu during this period.

I really don’t know how this magic drink works but it really does. I am more than grateful to the woman who gave me the advice.

My recipe:

For one glass of drink I usually squeeze half a lemon and add one tablespoon of  honey. I pour warm water over it and drink this every morning.

How Does it Function?

I looked through the medical web sites to find out what it is really about. I figured out several important things. This drink protects you from urinary tract infections. The lemon and honey stimulate the work of the digestive system and they also hydrate the large intestine. As a result you get an amazing remedy against constipation and cystitis.

The honey contains powerful antibacterial properties so it protects you from every type of various infections. Also it stimulates the stomach to produce more stomach juices which help the body eliminate toxins more efficiently. That’s why you can control your weight a lot easier.

The lemon has many advantages when it comes to skin health. It also cleanses the blood. If you feed your body with lemon, it will produce new cells more rapidly. The water, on the other hand,stimulates the production of collagen which is vital for your skin. Generally, I recommend this drink from the bottom of my heart. Not only it is miraculous it is also very tasty. It’s simply worth trying !