20 Reasons to Eat Avocado Every Day


An avocado is a greatly overlooked food item. It has lots of benefits that can make you want to eat it every day. Below are 20 reasons you will want to add avocado to your meals every day.

  1. Make a great alternative to butter

Make the avocado into a spread and replace butter on toast or a bagel. The taste can’t be beat.

  1. Help with Your Daily Fruit Allowance

For those without an interest in fruit, the avocado fits that category. So you can eat avocado and check off one serving of fruit.

  1. Fit Any Diet

Regardless of the diet you are on, an avocado can be good for you and fit the diet. That is great, since there are very few foods you can say that about.

  1. They can be eaten in numerous dishes

Avocados fit into numerous dishes, allowing you to plan a meal each day that can include the avocado. That makes for great eating and healthy eating at the same time.

  1. Always in season

Avocados are always available.

  1. Low in sugar

With less one gram of sugar per ounce, the avocado makes a great addition to your diet. This is particularly great since they are fruits. Fruits are typically high in sugar and need to be avoided by diabetics.

  1. Make great baby food

With how great they are for your diet, avocados are also something you can cut up so little ones can pick them up with their fingers. Yet, they can be eaten without teeth. A great and versatile food to be used for babies learning to eat big people food.

  1. Healthy fats

More than three quarters of the fat in avocado is healthy fat. That means good things if you are keeping track for dietary or cholesterol reasons.

  1. Improve eye health

Aging eyes get benefits from eating avocado regularly.

  1. Filled with Nutrients

Several great nutrients are housed in an avocado. This means you get a lot of your daily allowance from a food that is tasty and can be included in a variety of dishes. Talk about a big win-win situation.

  1. More potassium than a banana

Potassium is important to have in your diet. Avocados provide more than a banana, which is the go-to fruit when you are having muscle spasms that could indicate a lack of potassium in your system.

  1. Good for Brain and Nervous System

A serving of avocado houses 3.5 grams of unsaturated fat. Coincidentally, this is an ideal amount for brain growth and a healthy nervous system. You and your baby can both have one and know your brains and nervous systems are on the right track.

  1. Help Keep Cholesterol Levels Low

Avocado helps maintain lower cholesterol levels because its cholesterol is similar to that in dairy.

  1. Great for Pregnant Women

Again, the avocado is rich in nutrients, has healthy fats and can be used to replace butter while still tasting good. What could be bad for a woman trying to eat healthy while providing all she can for the little one growing inside her?

  1. Replace Butter for Baked Goods

In addition to being used as a spread on toast, avocado can be the “butter” in a baked goods recipe.

  1. Doubles as the Bowl, Less Dishes

Cut the avocado in half and remove the seed. Instant hollow area for

  1. Make things Creamier

When making dessert, who does not want a creamier chocolate mousse? Add avocado and see that dessert smooth out immediately.

  1. Lots of Ways to Eat Them

The variety of dishes you can add avocado to and make with an avocado means it is hard to get bored eating them. Their benefits, however, stay the same no matter how many times you eat them.

  1. Make a Great Snack

Just add salt.

  1. Works as an Ice Cream Topping

How can you go wrong when it tastes good on top of ice cream? It can even add a healthy twist to a tasty snack.

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