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This “healthy” food can cause Brain Damage and Breast Cancer. You Should stop eating it IMMEDIATELY


A lot of health-conscious Americans, with an end goal to enhance their eating habits, eat tofu instead of meat or eggs. The soy business would have you accept that this is a wise move for your heart, however processed soy which includes tofu, isn’t indeed a healthy food.

So, it would be much better for you to eat organic eggs, raw dairy products and grass-fed meat, instead of eating processed soy.

“Unlike in Asia where people eat small amounts of whole soybean products, western food processors separate the soybean into two golden commodities–protein and oil. There’s nothing safe or natural about this,” says Dr. Daniel.

“Today’s high-tech processing methods not only fail to remove the anti-nutrients and toxins that are naturally present in soybeans but leave toxic and carcinogenic residues created by the high temperatures, high pressure, alkali and acid baths and petroleum solvents,” she adds.

What’s even worse in the matter of soy items is that there are the fractionated items like soy protein isolate and hydrolyzed plant protein,since each processed soy contains of phytates thatprevents mineral absorption and trypsin inhibitors that prevent good digestion.

Tofu is one stage up, in light of the fact that it’s an entirely whole soy item, yet regardless it consists of the anti-nutrients mentioned above.

Health Problems Linked to Soy

Among the numerous health issues connected to a high-soy eating regimen are:

  • Cancer
  • Thyroid problems, including weight gain, lethargy, malaise, fatigue, hair loss, and loss of libido
  • Brain damage
  • Premature puberty and other developmental problems in babies, children and adolescents
  • Soy allergies
  • Reproductive disorders

In the meantime, studies analyzed by Dr. Daniel and colleagues have found that soy does not precisely lower cholesterol,and truth be told brings homocysteine up in a lot of individuals, which has been found to enhance the risk of stroke, heart disease, and birth defects. Actually, as reported by Dr. Daniel, soy can increase the risk of heart disease.

Thus, she and different experts have sent a 65-page appeal to the FDA requesting that they cancel their “soy prevents heart disease” health claim, which they approved in 1999, so let’s count on them doing the right thing.

Additionally, it’s critical to know that kids and babies are especially defenseless against soy’s hormone-mimicking impacts.

A Lancet study demonstrated that daily display to estrogen-imitating chemicals for babies who eat soy formulas was 6-11 times higher than grown-ups eating soy food.

Also, the blood concentration of these hormones was 13,000 to 22,000 times higher than estrogen in the blood.A newborn child only fed soy formulas gets the estrogenic equivalent (based on body weight) of up to five birth control pills a day.

So, do not feed your baby soy formula, or your young kid soy foods(in the event that you can’t breastfeed and you are searching for a formula, here’s a healthy homemade formula). It is effective to the point that even pregnant women ought to abstain from eating soy products for the wellbeing of their unborn kid.

And there’s more:

  • Soybeans consist of a lot of natural toxins, known as antinutrients. This incorporates a huge amount of inhibitors that prevent the enzymes required for protein digestion. Further, these compound inhibitors are not completely disabled at the time of ordinary cooking.The outcome is extensive gastric distress and chronic deficiencies in amino acid uptake that can bring about dangerous pancreatic impairments and cancer.
  • Soybeans consist of hemaglutinins that make red blood cells clump together.Soybeans additionally have growth-depressant substances, and since these substances are decreased in processing, they are not totally removed.
  • Soy consists of gointrogen, which can as often as possible result in depressed thyroid function.
  • Most soybeans (more than 80%) are genetically modified, and they contain one of the biggest amounts of pesticidecontamination of all foods.
  • Soybeansare high in phytates, which keep the absorption of minerals including calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc, all of which are co-components for ideal biochemistry in your body.

The Are Some Ways to Safely Enjoy Soy

There are a couple sorts of soy that are healthy, and every one of them is fermented. After this fermentation, the phytic acid and antinutrient levels of the soybeans are reduced, and their useful properties, for example, the production of natural probiotics — get to be accessible to your digestive system.

It additionally diminishes the levels of dangerous isoflavones, which are like estrogen in their chemical structure,and can meddle with the activity of your own estrogen production.

So, in the event that you enjoy soy and need to eat it without harming your health — and additionally pick up medical advantages — these are all healthy alternatives:

  1. Natto, fermented soybeans with a sticky structure, and solid, cheese flavor. It has nattokinase, an effective blood thinner, which is the highest source of vitamin K2 and has a very useful bacteria – bacillus subtilis. It can normally be found in any Asian supermarket.
  2. Tempeh, a fermented soybean cake, which has a firm structure, and nutty, mushroom flavor.
  3. Miso, a fermented soybean paste with a buttery, salty structure (normally utilized as a part of miso soup).
  4. Soy sauce: generally, soy sauce is made by fermenting enzymes, salt and soybeans. However, be careful in light of the fact that numerous assortments are made artificially, utilizing a chemical process.

Keep in mind, however, that all processed soy products —soy burgers, soy cheese, soy milk, soy ice cream, soy protein powders, soy energy bars, and so on — aren’t healthy.

What’s more, to genuinely maintain a strategic distance from a wide range of harming soy products,you have to stay away from processed food as the dominant part of them contain soy ingredients.

“The best — and maybe the only — way to completely avoid soy in the food supply is to buy whole foods and prepare them ourselves,” says Dr. Daniel. “For those who prefer to buy ready made and packaged products, I offer a free Special Report, “Where the Soys Are,” on my Web site. It shows the many “aliases” that soy may be hiding under in ingredient lists — such as the words “bouillon,” “natural flavor” and “textured plant protein.”

The essentials of adhering to a good diet — natural, fermented, and fresh foods are perfect, opposed to processed foods, which should be avoided at any cost, so stick to these rules and you’ll be fine.

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