Scientists Said: Occasionally Biting Your Nails Helps You Eject The Energy That is Not Used Productively


How many times a day do you unconsciously play with hair or bite your nails while reading or watching something?

The latest research dealing with the compulsive behavior indicates that you may be a perfectionist. People who are impatient, easily frustrated or often bored, are more prone to biting their nails.

Such behavior indicates excellence, a character trait that can inflict serious damage, says the official result of research conducted at the University of Montreal.

– We believe that people who bite their nails are perfectionists, and they don’t know how to relax and perform their tasks with normal pace, says psychiatrist KIRO O’Connor, adding that that’s why these people are prone to frustration and dissatisfied with what achieved.

However, scientists say that if you occasionally bite your nails, not continuously, it helps you eject the energy that is not used productively.

If this habit begins to affect your daily life, then it can be categorized as a disorder that should be treated, add scientists and doctors.

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