Do You Know The Danger Of Turning On The A/C After Starting The Engine?


Did you know that you put yourself in a dangerous situation every time you sit in your car and turn on the engine? Read how you actually endanger your health and the health of those with you.

The cars’ manuals advise us to open the car’s windows before turning on the A/C, but they do not give any explanation, except that it is good for the performance of the car.

When you leave the car outside, you always close the windows. However, even if parked in a nice shade, it can accumulate 400-800 mg of benzene. But in case you leave it in the sun, in a temperature higher than 16 degrees Celsius, the level of benzene can reach 2000-4000 mg, which is 40 times more than the permitted level.

When sitting in a car with closed windows, you inhale the benzene, but you are not aware that this toxin has harmful effects on the bone tissue, the liver and the kidneys. Moreover, you’re your organism needs a lot of efforts and time to get rid of it.

Medical research showed that the air conditioner in your car ejects all the heated air out before it starts to cool the air inside it. Benzene, the toxin which can cause cancer, is ejected together with the heated air.

Consequently, you need to develop a new habit when you enter your car, in order to protect your organism from toxins, because the consequences can be extremely tragic. Namely, when you sit in your car, open the windows for a few minutes even if you do not feel the smell of a heated plastic, and then turn on the A/C. In addition, when you turn on the car, leave the windows open for a few more minutes.

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