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Science Explains Why You Should Never Fall Asleep With The TV On


If you are one of those people who turn their TV on to fall asleep easily, you are reading the right article. If this turned out to become one of your ‘favorite’ habits, it is probably unimaginable to sleep without turning your TV or computer on. Science explains why this is a bad idea and how harmful it is to your health.

According to Diane Pilkinton, sleeping with your TV on can cause depression. She based her claiming on the explanation of Dr Guy Meadows, who says that the light from your TV or computer is not good for your well-being.

“People are supposed to sleep in darkness. When sun comes out and the first light appears, light receptors of your retina tell you that it is time to wake up, which prevents the release of melatonin, the hormone that makes you sleepy, “explains Dr Guy Meadows.

When you sleep with your TV on, you keep yourself away from falling into deep sleep, because the light from your screen affects this bodily function. This is why you feel like you have not slept at all the next day, not to mention the bad mood and anxiety.

A neurological research has shown that when compared to sleeping in darkness, sleeping in dim light changes mood and increases the risk of depression.

If you cannot fall asleep without your TV or computer, do a compromise – choose the sleep option on your TV and set your device to turn off automatically after a while. In this way the screen will not disturb your sleep during the night. When it comes to computers, there are several ways to set them turn off automatically after you finish watching your favorite show.