These Three Symptoms Indicate Insufficient Water Intake


The importance of the body hydration is largely discussed, but you should also know that thirst is not the only indicator to show you that your body needs more water.

Woman’s Health listed three most common symptoms of dehydration:


Your organism is constantly losing fluids, which means it also loses salt. The brain is sensitive to changes and this sensitivity causes headache. The intensity of the headache depends on the amount of water your body needs – the more you need, the worse your headache is.

– The loss of fluids reduces the volume of blood, which means your brain receives less oxygen. This widens the blood vessels and the headache is more intense, says Graig Justice, physiologist.

Deep yellow (even dark amber) urine

Deep yellow, or even dark amber urine means it is time to drink a glass of water. The urine of people who drink enough water is transparent or light yellowish, and deep yellow color indicates too much waste materia in the urine.

– If your body is hydrated, toxins and waste materia are easily excreted from the organism, but if you do not drink enough water, toxins are retained in your body, explains the famous physiologist.


Water eases the flow of materia in the intestine, and then out of your body, so if your organism does not get the necessary amount of water, there would be nothing to move that materia out, which results in constipation.

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