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Health Care Above All

3 Simple Tricks For Headache Relief in Less Than One Minute

Headaches are the most common reason for getting into a bad mood. The reasons for having headaches as well as the pain levels can be different.

Still, before directly going for medications, you should try out these 3 simple tricks which will only take a minute of your time.



Whenever we feel nervous and stressed, subconsciously we grind our teeth which causes tension in the muscles connecting the jaw and tempolar bone and that results with a headache.

In order to prevent that, you only need to bite on a pencil which will prevent the jaw to tense, thus it will release the jaw and the pain will fade away.


If you suffer sinus inflammations and allergies you ought to do a massage to your forehead by using essential menthol oil. Put a small amount of olive oil on your hands and add a few drops of essential menthol oil. Using your fingers, rub on the oil on your sinuses next to your nose and to your temple, and by making circular movements massage your face for a minute or longer.


Acupressure is an ancient technique where certain body points can help relieve or release numerous pains. Find that point on your palm where the thumb and index finger are joined. Press that spot and by using slow movements, massage in circular motions for about one minute.