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Health Care Above All

Natural Cure For Hepatitis C And HIV Discovered By Researchers

A recent study discovered that Nigella sativa, or fennel flower, contains active nutrients efficient in the fight against numerous potential deadly virus infections, hepatitis and HIV.

In August, 2013, the scientific journal African Journal of Traditional Complementary and Alternative Medicine published a study, which explains exactly the effect of Nigella sativa on patients diagnosed with HIV, who after a simple therapy recovered to the point that doctors could not find even a trace of this disease in their blood.


We give you the opportunity to read part of the study:

“It is well known that Nigella sativa has therapeutical healing functions, but almost no one expected that its effect will make the HIV infection disappear in patients who showed no positive results after getting every conventional treatment ever known.”

Antiretroviral therapy is widely used in the fight against HIV, but today it is considered as extremely controversial, because, believe it or not, it causes various negative health effects attributable to HIV.

This therapy is extremely expensive and long-lasting, and in the early phases this treatment can create HIV mutations which can became therapy-resistant, and it can also cause irreversible damage to the immune system of the patient.

Unfortunately, doctors rarely attribute patient’s death to this expensive therapy, but blame the HIV for the sudden collapse of patient’s health and death.

Taking in consideration the increasing interest of people in natural remedies, the fact that scientists focus more and more on natural ingredients and preparations does not come as a surprise.

Black cumin seed is a perfect example, not because of its great affect on viral infections, but also because these herbs are easy to find and the remedy is simple to apply on patients.