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4 Warning Signs Of Heart Attack (Video)

Although many think otherwise, heart attack rarely happens out of the blue. Actually, the body is trying to warn us a lot earlier, several days, weeks or even months before the attack.

Unfortunately, when you realise that you have a heart attack, it may already be too late to prevent death or permanent damage to the heart.

The so-called silent heart attack with moderate signs and symptoms that seem unrelated to the heart, was a serious concern of the cardiovascular expert Chauncey Crandall.


Recently the doctor has created a special free video presentation including the four dangerous and warning signs you should pay special attention on.

The four signs dr. Krendal speaks about include chest pain, even though every chest pain does not necessarily mean a heart attack. You may also feel pain in the neck, arms, back, and even in the jaw. The second sign is sweating and nausea. Breathing problems are listed as the third sign, and stomach problems are the fourth sign.

Statistics show a clear connection between the delaying in the treatment of heart attack symptoms and death or disease.

Therefore, it is very important to know what your heart tries to tell you with the warning signs explained in dr. Crandall’s video.

Although this video is made in educational purposes, it soon became viral and was reviewed for five million times in just a few months.

This interest does not come as a surprise, considering that heart attack is number one killer in the US, where nearly a million people experience a heart attack each year.

In the following video, dr. Crandall tells the true story of a man who ignored the symptoms and almost suffered the worst, death.

The story is really scary, but at the same time bracing and presents a good warning for everybody to open their eyes and do not neglect the signs their body sends.

I am a heart patient and was advise to go for a by pass but I have change my diets and life style and hope to follow your method and thank you.I am From Malaysia