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Coffee Addiction: Find Out What Can Larger Amounts Of Coffee Do To You !

Morning rituals for many people include a cup of coffee, but some practice excessive consumption throughout the day.

Drinking coffee can easily turn into a mild form of addiction, which often occurs when you actually do not need it, but just use it to fill your free time.

But, researches have shown that five or more cups of coffee per day can have negative effect on your organism. “Business Insider” created a list of possible side-effects associated with excessive consumption of coffee.


1. People who are under a great stress and consume too much caffeine, can hear sounds that actually do not exist. Professor Simon Crowe, from the University of Melbourne, conducted a research in which respondents were supposed to press a button every time they hear a song. Under stress and too much caffeine, they kept pressing the button, but there was no song.

2. Larger amounts of caffeine can harm your liver, especially if you take some painkillers at the same time.

3. Caffeine can increase your blood pressure, and a research conducted in 2012 showed that coffee can stimulate heart and cause shallow breathing.

4. You can become irrational because of the slow transfer of oxygen to the brain.

5. Too much coffee can cause insomnia. Caffeine takes 24 hours to leave the body, but this varies in different people.

6. You can become caffeine addict, and it can change your mood. When its effect stops, your cognitive abilities are reduced, and your moods goes down. The only way to get back to the previous condition is to drink another cup of coffee in order to start feeling good again in a shorter period of time.

7. Caffeine abstinence can cause headaches which appear in 12 to 24 hours after the last cup of coffee.

8. Avoiding coffee can also cause depression and make you feel upset, tired and sleepy.

9. Coffee increases the risk of osteoporosis, so try to consume more food rich in calcium and vitamin D.

10. Excessive consumption of coffee can stimulate your bladder, which results in frequent urination.