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Health Care Above All

10 Great Tips On How To Protect Yourself From Mobile Phone Radiation

Many organisations throughout the world, including the World Health Organisation (WHO) warn that long-term use of mobile phones can cause serious health problems.

There are numerous studies claiming mobiles to be dangerous, and others proving the opposite. This comes because the long-term effects of electromagnetic radiation on the organism are still not visible, says


Still, it is well known that long exposure to electromagnetic radiation brings some consequences. According to some studies, radiation can cause insomnia, while some argue that long-term use causes infertility in men, even cancer, listed as side-effect.

Countries like Great Britain, Canada and France ban mobile phone use by children under the age of 12 years, and some countries suggest banning Wi-Fi connection in schools.

However, which are the steps you can make to avoid the radiation mobiles emit?

1. Limit the use of mobiles to important calls only.

2. Use headphones, because this can reduce the exposure to radiation.

3. Instead of holding the phone to your ear, use the speaker every time you can. In any quiet and private place, you can freely leave the mobile phone nearby and talk.


4. Do not hold you phone to your ear before getting the connection.

5. Carry your phone in a bag or a backpack instead of keeping it in your pocket.

6. Check for good signal before you do the call.

7. Choose phones with maximum reported Specific Absorption Rate (SAR).

8. Send text messages anytime you can if you need to call someone, this helps you save time and money.

9. Use an alarm clock to wake you in the morning.

10. Whenever possible, connect to a Wi-Fi. When sending a request for data through Wi-Fi connection rather than base stations, your mobile takes less time to connect and receive data.

During the time science tries to explain the implications of technology without giving any good answers on how mobiles affect your health, try to remember these simple advices related to the everyday use of mobile phones.