Health Care Above All
Health Care Above All

The Smell Of Basil Relieves Headache

Basil is a herb with pleasant smell and taste. It is used in salads, and also in various dishes and delicious specialties. It is used in food, but it is also used to produce aromatic oil.


Green basil leaves contain over 100 biologically useful substances, which are amazingly healthy for the human body. Basil is a real treasure trove of vitamins, minerals, oligoelements …

Few people know that basil essential oil relieves headache. Inhalation of basil essential oil itself relieves tension and headache, similar to the effect a walk in fresh air has. Moreover, this scent improves concentration and stamina.


Add 4 drops of basil essential oil in the water of your aroma – therapy lamp. Let it burn not more than an hour, otherwise the smell can bring headache back again.