Health Care Above All
Health Care Above All

How To Fight Stress And Insomnia?

1. Eight or more hours of sleep per night are essential for both health and wellbeing.
During sleep the body undergoes a repair and creates a lot of important chemicals known to be part of the immune system.

2. You can lose weight and be healthier if you sleep at least 8 hours per night more than if you often stay up late and exercise.

In fact, researchers from Stanford University School of Medicine recently found that regular weight loss during sleep is associated with increased ghrelin level, a hormone that stimulates appetite, and lower leptin level, a hormone that informs your body about satiety.


3. Sleeping 8 hours or more helps you learn better during working hours.

Far from being lazy, some brain parts are actually more active during sleep than when you are awake. While sleeping the brain processes and organizes information accumulated during the day, storing them in longterm information so they can not get lost. If you sleep enough, you will discover that you can learn repetitive skills easier.

Supplements That Improve Sleep And Relaxation

  • Sleeping depends on muscle relaxation, so be sure that you take all the nutrients necessary for muscle relaxation, including B vitamins, vitamin C, magnesium, essential fatty acids, Valerian, hops and chamomile
  • Studies show that American and Korean Ginseng helps reducing stress hormones, immediately after stressful situations and during prolonged stress. Ginseng, unlike other herbs, is more effective when taken over a period of several months to a year, than in shorter periods of time.

Hello, I appreciate this message on Insomnia moreso as a half vegan. Meanwhile I’m a certified HerbalDr. who have had to collaborate with Universities on med research efforts. I wish to be a stringer until my sleep become normal. Thanks.