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Zinc Deficiency Causes Depression

According to Japanese scientists frequent mood swings characteristic for women appear as a result of inadequate zinc intake.

Scientists insist it is necessary to take 7 milligrams of zinc gluconate daily as a dietary supplement, which is enough to reduce psychological problems manifested through frequent mood swings after a certain period of time.


Japanese scientists came to this conclusion after a 10-week researching program which involved 30 young women. During that time respondents regularly consumed zinc gluconate, and after 10 weeks scientists noted increased zinc level in their blood, which positively affected their mood. Respondents showed decreased feeling of anger, bad mood and depression.

I have been taking Zinc for scalp problems for a long time now, and I notice it helps me a lot on preventing oily scalp. Does anyone know if taking it for more than 3 years will damage liver or stomach?

Zinc cannot damage your liver or stomach. Just make sure that you take the recommended daily doses. Be aware, excessive zinc intake can lead to nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, abdominal cramps…The recommended daily allowances for men and women are 11mg and 8mg respectively.