They Said That Eating Tilapia is Bad For You, Here Is What They Didn’t Tell You


Some people are aware that eating Tilapia is bad for you, but here is what they don’t tell you: you can actually cause issues within the body by eating it.

Tilapia is boneless, skinless, lacking in the distinct taste that is associated with fish and is hard to overcook. That makes it a very popular choice for Americans when it comes to eating fish.

However, there are some issues with eating commercially raised Tilapia.

The Diet of a Farm-Raised Tilapia is a Problem

The Tilapia that live in the wild eat algae and plants. This means they are not a danger to consume. However, when you buy Tilapia from the store, chances are you are buying a farm-raised tilapia that ate GMO corn and soy pellets. This means the tilapia can cause aggravation to your body, such as joint inflammation, coronary disease, asthma and other issues. This puts tilapia higher on the dangerous meat list than beef or pork.

If that is not enough incentive to leave the fish off your shopping list, perhaps the fact that the fish contains more than 10 times the amount of carcinogenic agents when compared to tilapia found in the wild will do the trick. If not, consider the fact that the primary ingredient in food for ranch fish is chicken poop. How is that for unappetizing?

Commercially-raised Fish Have Other Chemicals In Their Flesh

You may have thought the bad news was over, but there is more. Farm-bred Tilapia have high amounts of pesticide in their flesh. They are treated for infection with these chemicals and they remain in the fish after it is harvested. Meanwhile, Dioxin levels are high in these fish as well.

The Dioxin is a lethal substance that can take 10 years for your body to process. Studies have shown farm-raised fish have 11 times the level of Dioxin in their system than a comparative fish that lived in the wild.

Therefore, the idea that farm-raised fish are acceptable to consume, and that you are getting great health boosts from eating fish instead of beef, can be cast aside.

Purchase organic-raised beef or pork instead. Try for healthier options when it comes to fish and avoid the Tilapia, as it can cause significant health issues that you do not need to have to deal with. Feeding this fish to your children is not a wise option either.

It may cause issues with growth or cognitive function that have not been determined at this point in time. Eating a farm-raised fish includes eating the chicken poop they were fed with, and that adds a new level of discomfort to what is in your food when you are consuming it.

Plus, people are already exposed to far too many carcinogens, so eliminating a food from your diet that you know adds a frighteningly high risk of carcinogen can be a great benefit. That far outweighs the potential health benefits that you would have gained for opting for fish rather than beef, in this particular case anyway.

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