This Mom Freezes Lemons And Then … Amazing!


A frozen lemon is likely the exact opposite thing that strikes a chord when pondering solidified food. A mother lets us know that she freezes lemons frequently and we explored a bit further:

“A new study has shown for the first time how limonoids, natural compounds present in lemons and other citrus fruit, impede both ER+ and ER- breast cancer cell growth. This sheds new light on the importance of citrus fruit for breast cancer prevention and supports past studies which showed fruit consumption may lower breast cancer risk.”

A wide range of individuals are stating that the whole lemon ought to be utilized with nothing squandered. For the undeniable medical advantages as well as for the astounding taste!


Simple, take an ORGANIC lemon, wash it, and afterward place it in the cooler. When it is solidified you get whatever is important to mesh or shred the entire lemon without actually peeling it first.

At that point sprinkle it on your salad, dessert, soup, oats, noodles, spaghetti sauce, or whatever. Down to business. What you will experience is that whatever you sprinkle it on will tackle a taste you might never have encountered previously.

Why would I do this? Since the lemon peel contains 5 to 10 times a greater number of vitamins than the lemon juice itself and the peel is the part that is typically squandered. That, as well as the peel, serves to dispose of poisons in the body.

However, hold up, there’s more. Lemon is successful in executing malignancy cells in light of the fact that it is purportedly 10,000 stronger than chemotherapy.

This has not been uncovered on the grounds that there are individuals out there who need to make an engineered, lethal adaptation that will bring them tremendous benefits. Shades of Monsanto.

The good news is that the taste of lemon is average and does not convey the horrific impacts of chemotherapy. What’s strange is that individuals are closely guarding this to not endanger the salary to those that benefit from other’s diseases.

An alternate intriguing part of the lemon is that it has an exceptional impact on sores and tumors. Some say the lemon is a demonstrated cure against a wide range of tumor.

It doesn’t end there. It has an anti-microbial impact against bacterial contaminations and parasites; it is successful against inside parasites and worms; it directs circulatory strain, which is excessively high; it goes about as an energizer; it battles anxiety and apprehensive issue.

The wellspring of this data, albeit not particularly named, is one of the biggest medication producers on the planet.

They further say that after more than 20 research center tests subsequent to 1970, the concentrates uncovered that it pulverizes the dangerous cells in 12 diseases, including colon, breast, prostate, lung and pancreas and that the mixes of the lemon tree were 10,000 times more successful than the item Adriamycin, which is a medication ordinarily utilized chemotherapeutically as a part of the world to moderate the development of disease cells.

Even more, this sort of treatment with lemon extract only destroys malignant cancer cells and does not influence solid cells. The procedure is straightforward: purchase an ORGANIC lemon, wash it, freeze it, grate it, and place it on everything you consume.


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