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Disgusting Reasons To Never Eat Tilapia Again

Tilapia is often part of the meals in America. It is often chosen because it is inexpensive, can be purchased skinless and boneless, hard to overcook and mess up, and doesn’t have a fishy taste.

However, most of you are not aware that the tilapia you are buying is not wild or farmed. It is almost impossible to find wild tilapia in any restaurant or grocery store. Thousands of fish are harvested daily because the farming is done on a large scale.


This food is not natural, in fact.  Naturally, wild tilapia eats lake plants and algae, but farms use soy pellets and GMO corn to fatten them up. Healthy fish oil in tilapia is practically absent which is really the main reason why fish is so beneficial for us. Farmed raised tilapia is actually bad for us for a number of reasons.

Farmed raised tilapia is bad for us, and these are the reasons:

  1. Higher Concentrations of Pesticides and Antibiotics

Farmed fish are treated with pesticides to fight off sea lice. The pesticides which are used on this farm fed tilapia are actually so fatal that they have been known to kill wild salmon which are exposed to them by accident. Unfortunately, the pesticides are eventually released into the sea, which then causes toxic effects on other marine life by entering their bodily systems.

Moreover, fish that have been farmed are often found to have higher concentrations of pesticides and antibiotics, in the struggle to avoid diseases, for they are usually crowded. In order to keep the fish farm thriving, they are often given antibiotics to keep disease free.

  1. Low Omega-3 to Omega-6 Ratios

The levels of healthy nutrients are much lower in farm bred tilapia. We eat fish as a source of omega 3 fatty acid fish oils because they are so beneficial. However, the omega 3 fatty acids in farm raised tilapia are not really that usable to our bodies in comparison to wild tilapia.

The amounts of proteins are also lower in farmed tilapia. Since the fish are often caged, they are typically fattier and have a higher concentration of omega 6 fatty acids. The consumption of too much omega 6 fatty acids makes us more susceptible to inflammation. Furthermore, the poor omega 3 to omega 6 ratios can cause an imbalance in our bodies.

  1. Cancer Causing Pollutants

In comparison to wild tilapia, farmed fish often are exposed to 10 times more cancer causing organic pollutants, which is most probably due to the feed. You surely do not know what’s in the feed of farm fished tilapia. One of the main ingredients is chicken poop, as well as duck and pig waste.

  1. High Dioxin Levels

Dioxin levels are also much higher in farm bred tilapia. In fact, they are 11 times as likely to have higher dioxins as wild tilapia. Dioxins are toxic and can have adverse reactions on the body and can even lead to cancer. Moreover, when dioxins enter our body, it takes a long time for them to leave it. Namely, the half life of dioxin is about 7-11 years.

  1. Inflammation

Farm-raised tilapia can increase inflammation, as shown by newest research. Regardless of the fact that this popular fish is easily accessible and cheap to buy, you must know how it can cause inflammation.

According to research, the consumption of tilapia can worsen inflammation which could cause a variety of adverse health problems, and have been linked to arthritis, asthma and heart disease, which is the opposite from benefiting from the omega 3 fatty acids from the fish oil as we expect. Furthermore, it has been found that tilapia has much worse potential on inflammation than bacon or hamburgers.

To sum up, you should not always look for cheaper prices. The farm fed fish has no nutrients, and thus, it does not offer any of the benefits it is supposed to. Instead, always try to consume healthier fish or wild tilapia.

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