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Health Care Above All

How To Use Dark Chocolate As A Medicine

We are pretty sure that chocolate lovers will sure like this article. This is your chance to pamper yourself without feeling guilty for eating your favorite snack. Many studies have shown that dark chocolate is packed with nutrients that positively affect health.

“But don’t get me wrong here… although there are plenty of health benefits, chocolate is unfortunately also high in calories coming from fat and sugar. So don’t swap all your veggie and fruit snacks with chocolate. Like with many things in life, moderation is the key here.


Always opt for dark chocolate with the highest cocoa content (at least 70%). Dark chocolate contains polyphenols and flavanols, which work as an antioxidant to protect your body from damage done by free radicals. Unrefined raw cocoa also contains epicatechins, another powerful antioxidants, but it has a bitter taste and is therefore often removed from commercially available chocolate.”

Use dark chocolate as a natural remedy

1. Eat dark chocolate and be smarter

Yes, it is true. Scientists have found that people who drink a nice cup of hot chocolate in the evening before going to bed have better brain function. Chocolate increases the blood flow in the brain and heart, which contributes to a better cognitive function.

2. Dark chocolate keeps you young and vital

Chocolate is loaded with antioxidants, and protects the body from radical cell damages induced by free radicals and toxins which come along with the aging process. Eat dark chocolate to stay young and healthy.

3. Strengthens your heart

Scientists have found that people who eat dark chocolate have lower blood pressure, proper blood flow, and a decreased risk of blood clots. Enjoy your dark chocolate at least three times a day in order to protect your heart.

4. Dark chocolate makes you happy

You already know this one. Chocolate boosts our mood, making us relaxed and calm. You will all agree, this is as important as any other health benefit. Now you know why you should eat chocolate every time you are stressed or despaired.

5. Increase the vitamin intake

Chocolate is packed with some amazing vitamins and minerals necessary for optimal health. It is rich in potassium, copper, magnesium, and iron. Each of these is found in high concentration and provide a great protection against stroke, anemia, hypertension, and type 2 diabetes.

6. Decreases cholesterol level

By consuming dark chocolate regularly you can significantly reduce your cholesterol level. It is packed with antioxidants which prevent artery damage and oxidation of LDL cholesterol.

7. Hot raw chocolate relieves cough

Theobromine in chocolate soothes cough and has the same effect to codeine. Make a nice cup of hot chocolate using almond milk and raw cocoa to relieve your cough.

8. Dark chocolate reduces blood pressure

Flavanols relax your arteries, and thus reduce blood pressure.

9. Relieves stress

Dark chocolate is rich in magnesium, which provides a happy vibe and lifts your spirit up. certain compounds found in dark chocolate reduce cholesterol levels and relax both body and mind.

10. Dark chocolate protects skin

Flavonoids protect skin against UV damage. But, you still need to apply you regular sunscreen when going out in the sun.

11. Natural painkiller

Chocolate stimulates the production of calming and pain-relieving endorphins.

Hopefully, you do not need more reasons to eat your chocolate without feeling guilty. Now that you know more about its benefits, enjoy dark chocolate in moderation and protect your health.

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