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Why You Should Never Consume Margarine Again


In 1869, margarine first appeared on the market as a cheap substitute for butter for the working class. However, margarine is nothing like butter. People use butter, because it is a natural, nutritious and healthy food. Margarine is completely different, a totally artificial, harmful and inedible product that most certainly should not be called food.

It is made from vegetable oil. The pressing process of the oil requires high temperatures, which destroy antioxidants and increase the number of free radicals. These can damage cells and increase the risk of cancer.

The oils are later brutally hardened, usually through a process of hydrogenation and esterification. During the processing, producers use dangerous chemicals that leave residues in the final product that is offered on the shelves in your supermarket.

The problem occurs when these procedures turn fatty molecules into forms that are nothing like natural fat and human organism cannot recognize them.

Fats create cellular walls that according to Bruce Lipton, a world popular scientist in the field of cell biology, are the main part of the cells because they enable the relation between the cell and the environment. The incorporation of artificial fat inside the cell enables its proper function.

In the hydrogenation process, the oil is treated with hydrogen, and nickel is used as a catalyst. This process leads to the formation of trans-fats which have been proved to be harmful to our health. Industrial trans-fats increase the risk of diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease and damage in fetuses. These can also be found in baked goods, biscuits, cakes, ice cream, chocolate and crisps.

Esterification includes breaking down of fat and putting the molecules together, and sodium methylate is often used to ease the process.

This process does not create trans-fats, but the fats it produces are totally different than natural fats and our bodies cannot recognize these.

While fats take part in a wide range of biochemical processes in the body, these modified fats cause diseases and disorders. For instance, hardened palm oil, commonly contained in margarine, can cause thrombosis, or blood clotting.

In this production phase oils spoil and smell really bad, so it has to be steam-rinsed. Producers use caustic soda and whitening chemicals to bleach the product, so the consumers cannot see its original and disgusting grayish color.

If the hardening process has left any minerals and vitamins behind, the last phase of bleaching will sure destroy even the tiniest trace. At this point you have a tasteless mixture and producers have to add artificial flavoring and butter-like color, and eventually it looks a bit more attractive for the consumers.

The final product contains remains of these toxic chemicals:

  • Petrol hexane – It can be explosive when found in certain amounts, and it damages the nerves
  • Acetone, a flammable substance, harmful to the brain and nerves
  • phosphoric acid, strong and dangerous acid
  • Caustic soda
  • Nickel – Use as a catalyst in the hydrogenation process
  • methanol (produced from the sodium during the esterification process)
  • Whitening agents
  • PHA polyaromatic hydrocarbons (one of the most dangerous carcinogens)

Part of these chemicals are used in the production process, a some of them are created as a result of the chemical reactions. Some of the chemicals come from the ships that transport raw materials, because the same tanks are used to transport chemicals (chemical solvents) and the oil that is used in the production of margarine.

The number of scientific studies that show the connection between the consumption of margarine and allergies, eczema, asthma, allergic nasal congestion and ulcerative colitis in children increases constantly.

Margarine contains large amounts of omega-6 fats from vegetable oils, and contributes to the imbalance between the intake of essential omega-3 and omega-6 fats. The imbalance between these two fats is common due to the increased intake of omega-6, which is found in a large number of processed foods and vegetable oils, while omega-3 are only found in blue fish, grass-fed cattle and organic eggs. This imbalance (excess omega-6) causes inflammation and modern diseases that affect many people.

Margarine is a completely contrived product. It is loaded with dangerous chemicals, it is brutally modified and contains fat that the human body cannot recognize nor digest. Try the following experiment.

Leave equal pieces of butter and margarine outside. We already did this one. The butter was soon gone, as ants, insects and other microorganisms found in nature finished even the tiniest bit. The margarine has remained as we left it.

And no single ant touched it for months. No living creature is that stupid to eat artificial food. On the other hand, people seem to like it. Why are we the only being on the planet that would rather go for artificial “goodies” than an all-natural delicacy?

Of course, manufacturers will not admit any of these, as profit is their number one target. The oils they use for the production of margarine are super-cheap, so it really pays off.

In Sweden, even the teachers at “Livsmedelsverket “(National Food Agency) receive additional salary from the margarine producers to promote this inedible grease as a super healthy product.

Unfortunately, money rules the world and people, but this will eventually change. Power is still in the hands of consumers because each individual decides how to invest their money. It is up to you to decide whether you will be a consumer or – a victim. Always buy butter from trusted producers and avoid margarine at any cost!