You’’ll be Speechless! Here’s What Gluten Really Does to Food (VIDEO)


Gluten is a collection of proteins that are found in wheat flour. Any wheat flour contains two proteins – glutenin and gliadin, and when we add water, these proteins bind and create an “elastic network of protein” which we know as gluten.

The key feature of gluten is its potential to capture air like in a bubble and it is the reason why the bread rises. However, exactly how much gluten acts as bubble will be a big surprise for many people.

In the video we can see two balls of dough – one has a lot of gluten, while the other is made of cake flour with low amounts of proteins that constitute gluten. After washing the dough, we get two balls that are almost pure gluten.

Dough rich in gluten is incredibly supple and easy to bake, while the small one is weak and difficult to stretch.

And you will remember what follows in the video forever:

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