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Health Care Above All

These Are The First Signs and Symptoms of Lung Cancer

In case you feel any of the symptoms you are about to read about in this article go to the doctor immediately

Many people link the term “lung cancer” with death, but depending on the number of deaths caused by this nasty disease, who can blame them for immediately thinking that. Anyway, lung cancer can be treatable if it is found in its early stages.


Depression and often mood swings

Scientists claim that lung cancer has much to do with depression, anxiety and mood swings. In many cases, lung cancer patients suffer from anxiety, less energy and panic attack. The link between lung cancer and mood swings is still unknown to the scientists. So, if all of a sudden you feel strong mood swings, and usually you have firm mood, consult your doctor.

Often Sickness

If you often get sick, suffer from colds, flu and bronchitis, there might be two main causes for that – one of them is weakened immunity, the other is lung cancer. Lung cancer’s symptoms are similar to cold’s, infections’ and flu’s symptoms. The duration of these symptoms can tell you if you have immune system breakdown or lung cancer, but the best thing to do is go straight to the doctor.

Reduced Appetite and Unexplained Weight  Loss

If you lose weight constantly and you are disgusted by the taste of your favorite meals, the most important thing to do is learn the cause of these changes.

Some people lose appetite and simply forget to eat, others feel stomach pain if they eat too much or too fast. There are people who get the feeling of satiety too quickly and it lasts longer than in others. Anyway, if you have never felt these things before and now you feel them, consult your doctor as soon as possible.

Lung cancer can cause appetite and weight loss due to many different factors. As you breathe harder, your appetite is reducing, slowly but surely.

Unusual Nipple Growth in Males

Enlarged nipple growth in men may indicate to some serious health problems. This appearance may happen to either both or just one nipple. This enlargement can happen around the nipple area only.

As the lung cancer grows, it sends many different types of hormones and substances which throughout blood circulation stimulate the growth.

If you happen to feel any kind of growth around the chest area, consult your doctor! This occurrence can happen because of two reasons – gaining too much weight or having some serious health problems.

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