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Health Care Above All

Relieve Back Pain Naturally – 20 Tips That Will Make The Pain Go Away

When it comes to back pain, and the numbers are not so good for women. 4 of 5 women suffer from great back pain and therefore must go to the doctor.

This means that if you are a woman, there is 80% chance of being a victim of back injuries. Use these 20 tips to prevent such unpleasant troubles in the future.


1. Be Well-Balanced

Too much sitting, standing, walking, and even lying is bad for your back. The solution is to be well-balanced. From time to time, take a break from any activity. For example, after you have been sitting for an hour, go for a little walk, or stand while talking on the phone. If you are on your feet all the time, sit down and rest your legs for a few minutes.

2. Stand Still

Watch your posture, especially if you have been standing for a long time. Have one foot a little ahead of the other and your knees bent. This reduces the pressure in the lower back.

3. Sit Properly

Improper seating can cause major back problems. Sit upright and keep your feet flat on the ground. And rest occasionally.

4. Reduce The Burden On The Shoulders

Many women keep too many things in their bags: laptop, tablet, several mobile phones, planner, a whole cosmetic dressing case and toiletries. Many of these things are not so necessary. Perhaps you have not noticed, but your bag can weigh up to 11 pounds. And wearing a heavy burden on the shoulders creates a risk of great pain in the upper back. Therefore simplify your handbag, and thus your life.

5. Wear a Backpack

If you must keep all the objects in your purse, then a backpack is your best solution. The weight is properly distributed on both shoulders and it’s pushed on the upper part of your back where the muscles are stronger than the shoulders. If you don’t like backpacks, then the diagonal strap purse is a great alternative.

6. Watch Your Weight

Gaining more pounds, especially in the waist, can cause pain in a way that it will stretch the lower part of your back and it will move your center of gravity. Watch your weight so you can control the back pain.

7. Exercise

Exercise is one of the best preventative measures when it comes to back pain. It keeps the back muscles in good shape and prevents injuries from simple movements like pushing or lifting. Also, this way you control your weight, too.

8. Strengthen Your Body

The benefits of tightening the body are huge because it supports other muscle groups and reduces stress on the lower part of your back.

9. Be Flexible

Too much tension and hard work causes back pain, so it’s important for your back to remain flexible. Put an equal burden on all parts of your back.

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