Health Care Above All
Health Care Above All

Incredible: Fed Their Sick Daughter With Marijuana Twice a Day, And Today The Girl Can Walk And Talk!

Charlotte Figi, age 5, suffers from a rare genetic disorder. She has around 300 seizures per week, so she has to be in a wheelchair all the time, and after the heart attack and her constant seizures, Charlotte stopped even talking.

As a last resort, her mother seeked help in the healing properties of marijuana.

Two years later, Charlotte’s attacks are reduced to a great extent, she can walk and talk, she can even feed herself after taking some hemp oil, prepared in a unique way.

Moving for Marijuana

THC, an active substance contained in marijuana, is processed with some olive oil, so patients can consume it.

Amy Brooks Kayal, vice president of the “American Epilepsy Society” warned that these miracle stories about cured children are no warranty that hemp oil woild provide the same effect in every child – epileptic seizures appear and dissapear wihout any special reason, and scientists can not assume what damages can hemp oil cause to a child’s brain.

Elizabeth Burger

“Before getting the necessary information, as doctors, we can not take things in our hands” – was noted in her statement, suggesting that parents should take their children in one of the 28 pediatric hospitals for epileptic seizures, instead of moving to Colorado.

Source: DailyMail