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5 Amazing Healthy Foods to Boost Fertility


Hormone balance is crucial for the reproductive health. Even though a lot of factors can help you become a parent, always take care of your healthy lifestyle and proper diet.


Unsaturated fat found in this fruit can help you increase fertility. In fact, experts conducted a study, involving women who were part of an artificial insemination program. The results showed that women whose diet was rich in these fats had three times more success in their efforts to conceive.

Sunflower Seeds

Enjoy this snack at least three times a week. Sunflower seeds are rich in zinc, they can help you maintain the balance of the reproductive hormones and have positive effect on the egg quality.


This aromatic spice has the ability to reduce insulin levels, increasing the chances of getting pregnant in the fertile days.


Make yourself some poached eggs or soft-boiled eggs, but try to avoid eating omelette of any kind. Soft yolk contains more vitamin D and B6, important for the secretion of progesterone – a hormone that plays important role in conception.


Buckwheat seeds are rich in nutrients that reduce insulin and testosterone levels, and increase the possibility of conceiving during ovulation.