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Health Care Above All

Avocado – Fruit With Amazing Health Benefits

Scientists claim avocado, or alligator pear, is a fruit with highest nutritive value.

This irresistible tropical fruit can be found in more than 80 types, divided in three groups: Mexican avocado, Guatemalan avocado and west Indian avocado. In this article we present you all the health benefits avocado provides.

There are numerous legends and stories related to avocado. In ancient times this fruit had been named as “Great”, “royal” or “magic”. It originated in Middle and South America, where people believed it has magical power, and served it on royal feasts, and every princess had to consume it.

Nutritive Value Of Avocado

  • 100 g avocado have 160 kcal (669 kJ) energy value, including:
  • 2% protein
  • 14.6% fat
  • 8.5% carbohydrates
  • 0.6% sugar

Avocado is an excellent source of copper, calcium, magnesium, and it contains small amounts of sodium. It is an excellent source of vitamin C, and it contains some of the B vitamins, mostly pantothenic acid. Avocado also contains small amounts of riboflavin, niacin and vitamin E.

Health Benefits of Avocado

Before anything, we must mention that avocado provides powerful protection for heart and blood vessels. It regulates blood pressure and heart function, and it also has power in reducing blood cholesterol and triglycerides.

Nutritionists claim avocado is on the top of anti-cancer products, because of the many antioxidant nutrients it contains and it is proven to have effective impact on reducing the risk of developing breast and prostate cancer.

Numerous studies have proven that avocado provides amazing protection for prostate, and besides being double effective in reducing the risk of developing prostate cancer, avocado has great effect in treating benign prostatic hyperplasia.


Avocado has positive effect on almost every body system, but mostly on the digestive system, because researches showed that avocado improves digestion, stool formation, protects against colon cancer and hemorrhoids. After listing all the above, we must get to a conclusion that avocado has a royal value for our organism.

Speaking of avocado we must not forget about avocado oil. It is as healthy as olive oil and can be used in preparing various delicious salads and other specialties. Avocado oil is ideal for massages, wound treatments and other treatments. It has antibacterial effect, goes deeper in skin, and makes it young and soft.

Masseurs and cosmeticians which have been using avocado oil in their massages and cosmetic treatments for years say their clients believe that massaging skin with avocado oil makes it smooth and moisturized.

We can write about avocado as much as we can and we will not find any negative effect for both avocado and avocado oil as its product. Avocado is a tropical fruit, but you can find it in any bigger market. So hurry up and buy avocado today and enjoy its benefits!