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Health Care Above All

The Best 10 Calming Foods That Reduce Stress

Whether you have a dramatic relationship or there is just too much stress at your working place, nature offers you some relaxing solutions, ranging from a chocolate bar which reduces stress hormone level, to lavender scent which improves sleep, so we have listed 10 efficient ways to calm and relax yourself.


You can not sleep because your job causes too much stress and you have crossed all deadlines to finish what you have started? Try lavender aromatherapy.

It is proven that lavender helps in treating insomnia. You can use dried lavender flowers and essential oil, and each part of the herb has healing power. You can use milk, lavender tea or a lavender scented candle.

Sweet potato

Next time you will try to get rid of the anxiety, remember this: sweet potato is a natural enemy of stress, because it is sweet and it is also rich in carbohydrates. It contains enough fiber to help you digest food easily, and all this makes you feel emotionally and physically calm. It also maintains the feeling of satisfaction.



During the night some of you shut down brain, and others their body. Chamomile helps when you shut down your body. It is proven that chamomile, consumed as tea, reduces muscle spasm intensity and calms body efficiently. But pregnant women who are allergic to hay and ambrosia have to consult their doctor first before they start using chamomile.


Dark chocolate

We have a surprise for all those chocolate lovers – there is a good reason to consume chocolate more often. 40g of dark chocolate reduces the stress hormone level (corsitol and catecholamine), which helps in treating anxiety. The chocolate you consume releases endorphins in the brain and that’s why you are happy while you are eating chocolate.


St. John’s Wort

St. John’s Wort grows in any place of the world, and consumed as tea or food supplement it is used to treat depression. It is proven that St. John’s Wort significantly boosts mood and interest in depressive people.

Still, it is not accepted as a cure for serious depression, because it has some side-effects if consumed in combination with some food products or medicines, so it is necessary to consult your doctor before you start using it.



Many people start feeling sleepy after they drink a glass of milk, because milk contains tryptophan – amino acid also found in turkey. A glass of warm milk will also make you feel sleepy, but not because of the same reason.

Actually, many people feel like sleeping after having a glass of milk, because it reminds them of their childhood. This really works.


Jesus crown

It is efficient in treating anxiety and nervousness. Use it as a food supplement and it will help you relax if you have an important meeting. In 1978 this flower was used as a recommended sedative without any prescription.


Peanut butter

If you start feeling like your body looses its strength because you have not had enough sleep, peanut butter is the solution, because it acts as a fuel for your body.

Peanut butter is rich in vitamin B6 which regulates blood pressure and boosts mood. Natural butter provides the best results, because it does not contain much sugar which can influence the effect of vitamin B6.



Valerian has been helping people get enough rest for centuries. Hippocrates used this plant for the first time, and it was used as a sedative. It can be found in more than 50 forms: pills, juices, tea, drops etc.


It is better to consult your doctor before you start using valerian, because he will advice you which form suits you best.