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Health Care Above All

4 Habits That Seriously Damage Your Kidneys

Kidneys are important organs in our body because they play main roles in many body functions. They are the organs that most blood flows through during the day, which is the main reason why kidneys are the most vulnerable to damages.

Today we present you some most common habits which can damage kidneys.

More salt in your food

There are people that like to have their food more salty than usual, but this is a quite risky habit. Salt impacts blood pressure and increases it, and regular mild increasing of blood pressure throughout the years can cause serious damage and kidney insufficiency. Salt is not a need, its a habit! Use minimal amount of salt to protect not only your kidneys, but other organs as well.


Excessive use of painkillers

Increased use of painkillers can seriously harm kidney tissue. Not only the painkillers you buy on your own, but prescribed pills also have damaging effect. According to some researches even some blood pressure pills are proven to be dangerous.



Yes, we are talking about cigarettes again, but latest researches show that cigarettes can also damage kidneys, not only your lungs. Small protein traces have been discovered in the urine of regular smokers, which indicates possible kidney damage, but some studies have shown that most of the people diagnosed with kidney insufficiency or the patients waiting for transplantation are smokers.



Regular use of alcohol in large amounts can also cause kidney damage. According to statistics, large percent of the people having kidney insufficiency have had problems with alcohol.

Kidney is a sensitive part of body, and one of the most important part also. we must take care of it that it could not be damaged. These points mentioned in this article are perfectly reasonable. I agree with this. Thanks to share this nice article.

Careful there, salt or sodium is a “need”, it’s an essential mineral necessary for all animals to function…