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What To Do If You Burn Your Tongue -2 Tips To Soothe Tongue Burns


Whether there is a hot tea, hot soup or pudding in front of you, you are eager to try. This is the most common reason to get burn on the tongue.

This burn is very tricky because the tongue can hurt and sting for the next three days, depending on what you have burned your tongue with. What to do next?

Tongue burns are similar to those of any part of the skin. Tongue burns are bigger problem because the oral cavity is affected and there are possible manners of intervention.

Therefore, if you burn your tongue, first you need to do is to hold a sip of cold water into your mouth until it becomes war, then spit it and take next sip. Repeat this procedure until you feel relief.

Besides water, burns the tongue are best treated with cold yogurt. Yoghurt cools better than water and mitigates the damage caused by heat or warm drink. Doctors advise us to be especially careful when it comes to hot food, especially hot drinks, because they can damage the papillae of the tongue, and thus its function.