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Health Care Above All

How Stress Destroys Your Body & Mind – What You Can Do About It


Stress takes up your energy and makes you feel like the whole world breaks down on you and your will is not strong enough to do something about it.

Everyday stress can make a mess in your mind and your body in many ways more serious than you think. See the symptoms of stress and learn how simple it is to deal with side effects:


1. Stress Makes You Feel Exhausted

Anxiety keeps you awake at night and in the morning you feel angry and feel like you hate the whole world. But the good news is that three hours of active work during the week will help you get rid of stress. Therefore, instead of using transportation go get home, walk after work. It is the least you can do to get rid of stress.

2. Stress Plays With Your Libido

When your mind is elsewhere, it is difficult to be available in the bedroom. Chronic stress reduces the production of estrogen and your desire for sex is reduced to a minimum. So, in moments of stress concentrate on eating healthy and cut the fast food off of your diet.

3. Stress Slows Down Your Metabolism

Your appetite is reduced to minimum and you feel overfed. It happens due to the fact that chronic stress slows your metabolism, and the best remedy for this is to make the fitness center, to drink liquids and eat fruit.

4. Stress Sometimes Make You Go Insane

When you panic and feel like you are going crazy, it is a sign that stress is playing with your sex hormones. You can try to use contraception, certainly this is true for girls, and for men – go to the doctor if symptoms are getting worse.

5. Stress Makes You Forget Stuff

Stress makes us feel helpless and directly affects the part of the brain where memory is stored. If you start to forget facts, lists, events, days etc. make sure it is due to stress. In addition, if you do not confront stress in time it may be difficult for you to create new memories.

7. Stress Leads To Obesity

When people are under stress they often resort to food. This is especially true for women, who often because of stress, enter more sugars and fats in the body and quickly gain weight.

8. Stress Causes Hair Loss

If you notice that your hair frequently falls, unlike before, then be careful because it is due to stress of the past which now shows its side effects. Falling hair occurs 3 or 6 months after you have faced big stress. The good news is that it is temporary, and with the help of healthy food and a balanced diet you will be able strengthen your hair and heal hair follicles.

9. Stress Causes Back Pain

When you are under stress, heartbeat increases and your blood pressure rises. In those moments muscles gather and cause pain that often appear on the back. In order to get rid of the back pain, get up on every hour and stretch your back.