Health Care Above All
Health Care Above All

How The Colour Of Your Tongue Reveals Your Health

A single glance at your tongue in the mirror will sure help you determine whether you have a health problem. So, instead of wondering why your tongue has suddenly turned white or darker, keep reading carefully.

The function and the appearance of the tongue are much more important than you think, same as your medical record – they show every condition and deficiency in the body.

We have listed the ten most common changes of your tongue, and you may have one of these without even noticing it.


1. Normal Tongue – Pink, without any traces and color imbalance, with clear and normal layers. Shows proper function of your organism.

2. Thin White Layer, Visible Traces of The Teeth And Some Red Spots – This condition shows a lack of energy and constant fatigue, bad appetite, and excessive sweating. It is common for worried and anxious people.

3. Thin Yellow Layer in The Middle And Dark Red Color of The Tongue – Typical for people with digestion problems, dehydration and skin diseases. Mood swings are other visible symptom noticed in people with changes like these.

4. Thick White Layer, Swollen Edges – Also indicates digestion disorders, or water retention. These people often suffer from fatigue and lethargy.

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