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How To Heal Bruises Quickly And Naturally

If you have hurt yourself, and you are about to get a terrible bruise, the first thing you can do is apply a cold compress on the sore spot, but be sure to do this before the bruise appears.

The compress can be a simple plastic bag filled with some ice cubes, and wrapped in a thin fabric, or you can use any frozen food you may have in the fridge.


The ice should be applied carefully with small breaks in every five minutes, in order to prevent the tissue from freezing. Apply the cold compress for half an hour. The ice not only relieves the pain, it also slows the lymph and blood flow through the blood vessels, and thus prevents the formation of hematoma or bruise.

Remove the compress after 30 minutes and apply some marigold based cream on the sore spot.

However, if you have not been able to apply a cold compress on the injured spot and the hematoma is already formed, it is time for some warm compresses and a gentle massage of the sore spot, because the warmth contributes to the resorption of the already formed hematoma.

A piece of fresh pineapple has also beneficial effect. This tropical fruit contains enzymes that accelerates the resorption process. However, pineapple is not something every household has, so a simple potato will also do the job. Boil a potato, together with the skin, then peel and mash it. Add some honey and water and apply the mixture on the bruise.

Vinegar also does miracles when it comes to treating bruises. Soak a piece of cotton in some vinegar and apply it on the bruise several times a day.

Follow the changes of the bruise. At the beginning it is red, then it turns purple, blue, yellow-green, until it finally disappears. If the bruise does not change its color, or if it gets darker, it is a sign of an infection and you must see a doctor as soon as possible.