Health Care Above All
Health Care Above All

Hospital Demonstrates How To Save a Choking Baby in Just Seconds

St. John Ambulance, a health organization in charge of offering first medical aid to people, shocked the world with a posted video on YouTube in January.

The video is a simple must-see and is a great teaching lesson for every parent out there.

As the video shows, about 40% of parents have faced a baby choking experience and around 80% of them are not aware of what to do in such case.

The numbers are highly concerning, if we have in mind that around 34 children are choking on food every day and receive suitable treatment.

To prevent this from still happening, St. John Ambulance composed this video and teaches parents how to react if their baby is choking.

The video focuses on four characters – a pen lid, marble, jelly baby, and princess, all entangled in a very peculiar and interesting way. The purpose is to present a technique that might save your baby’s life one day.

This video is intended not only for those with babies, but for those who have toddlers as well.

Take a look: