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Health Care Above All

Hippocrates Soup For Cancer Treatment And Overall Health

The Hippocrates soup is a very simple, but also extremely healing vegetable mix that is able to cure many diseases. This soup has been used across the globe as alternative medicine that prevents and treats numerous illnesses, with a special accent on cancer.

The biggest benefit this soup provides is boosting the immunity and detoxing the kidneys.

The soup dates from 2,500 years ago and was supposedly invented by Hippocrates, an ancient Greek doctor and the ‘Father of medicine.’

At the beginning of the past century, the German doctor, Max Gerson introduces the soup in a special eating regiment brought to the world in 1932. Since then, this method is known as the Gerson therapy.

The news of this soup quickly took over the world in popularity.

The Key Link in The Gerson Therapy

The Gerson healing method is founded on the distinctive nutrition and regular body detox.

Dr. Max Gerson began developing this theory in order to initially cure migraines and severe headaches. By accident, he managed to what this soup actually contains and how beneficial it is for the general health. With this discovery, he began treating skin tuberculosis as well.

Hereon, other forms of tuberculosis were healed by practicing this method, including allergies, kidney disease, arthritis, atherosclerosis, multiple sclerosis, autoimmune diseases and finally, cancer.

The Hippocrates soup is one of the essential links to the effectiveness of the Gerson therapy

Aside from consuming this soup, the therapy also includes the consumption of carrot, apple and orange juice, as well as all other ‘green’ juices such as cabbage juice and others.

Despite the nutrition aspect there is also a daily organism cleanse included in the process, done through coffee enema.

According to Dr. Max Gerson and other health experts, such a nutrition regime strengthens the immune system and helps the body heal completely.

The Hippocrates Soup- ingredients, consumption and preparation

The soup is recommended for consumption once a day. If it is used for medical purposes, you need to eat it twice a day. You can prepare larger amounts of the soup in advance, for two days in total. Here are the rules you need to follow:

Prepare this soup on low heat, with the least amount of water possible. Keep a lid on the pot, so you avoid evaporation of significant nutrients. Do not use aluminum pots- the best option is silver.

Use as few spices as possible, to keep the original flavor. The recommended spices you could use in limited amounts are: pimento, laurel leaves, coriander, cumin, oregano, rosemary, sage, estragon, dill, fennel and thyme. Garlic, onion, chive and parsley are allowed in larger amounts.


The Hippocrates Soup recipe:


  •  1 medium-sized celery root
  •  1 medium-sized parsley bush
  •  2 medium-sized onions
  •  2 small or 1 large leeks
  •  Garlic (to taste)
  •  600g tomatoes
  •  400g potatoes


Wash the vegetables, and cut or grind it in small pieces. Put vegetables in a large pot and add water, just to cover the veggies. Heat the pot to a boil and then keep cooking on low heat for one and a half to two hours. At the very end, add the garlic and allowed spices in small amounts. Puree the soup.

Eat one dish per day, and refrigerate the rest.

The healing properties:

  •  Cleanses and detoxifies the organism: the toxins accumulated inside the body can cause numerous of health problems, such as depression, headaches, constipation, exhaustion and bloating.

Plus, when they spread they can cause more severe issues, like diabetes, arthritis, rheumatism, cardiovascular diseases, pneumonia, cancer and others.

The vegetables in this soup prevent the body from accumulating toxins. The tomato contains lycopene, a herbal pigment that provides antioxidant qualities and protects the liver and prevents free radicals from forming.

This also increases the metabolism performance. The sulfur found in garlic and leeks also encourages detoxification, and the same is true for parsley.

  •  Strengthens the immunity: the immune system is the protector of the human health. In order for it to work amazingly, it needs to feed on minerals, vitamins, enzymes and other nutrients.

The garlic is one of the ingredients found in the Hippocrates soup that is full of vitamin C and other nutrients that keep the immunity safe from harm.

Also found in this soup is selenium, which encourages the work of the weaker cells and provides oxidation.

Garlic is packed with antioxidants that can treat numerous immunity-related issues, including sore throat, inflamed tonsils, herpes, high blood pressure, rheumatism, heart and liver diseases, and even leukemia and tumor.

Potatoes give out numerous health benefits as well and the same goes for tomatoes.

Prevents cancer:

The listed vegetables can cure cancer successfully and prevent the spreading of cancerous cells by conducting a healthy and proper nutrition.

This is especially true for onions, tomatoes and parsley, which are one on the most effective warriors in the fight against cancer.