Health Care Above All
Health Care Above All

Healthy Diet Plan For Every Breastfeeding Mom

Breastfeeding increases the need for calories. What you should do is continue consuming the diversity of foods as you did while you were pregnant.

Nursing mothers should eat additional 500 calories a day, because by not doing so they can reduce the amount and the quality of their milk. Drinking a lot of liquids is also important.


For a successful breastfeeding, nutritionists recommend:

  • -Versatile and moderate diet
  • -Regular meals and regular intake of liquids
  • – Enough time for a peaceful meal

You should totally avoid special diet regimens during breastfeeding, because the reduced intake of calories can make some of the harmful material from your body end in the milk. Special diet regimens are allowed after you stop breastfeeding.

When planning your breastfeeding diet, you should remember to consume 5 groups of food: cereals, fruit, vegetable, meat and dairy products. Compared to the diet during your pregnancy, you should only increase the intake of carbohydrates.