Health Care Above All
Health Care Above All

5 Surprising Health Facts About Olive Oil You Should Know

Olive oil is usually called “liquid gold” for many reasons. Since ancient times olive oil was known for its numerous positive effects on health.

If you still do not have some olive oil in your kitchen, then we will give you five facts about this food product to make you believe that it really should be on tomorrow’s shopping list.


1. Olive oil reduces bad cholesterol level. Thanks to the polyphenols it contains, olive oil helps maintaining LDL cholesterol in normal range.

2. Specific polyphenols found in olive oil have proven to be effective in protecting red blood cells from oxidation, and slowing the aging process.

3. Numerous studies have shown that olive oil can help preventing the memory loss caused by Alzheimer’s disease.

4.Olive oil is an ideal natural skin care product, because it is most similar to the chemical structure of natural skin oil.

5. It is ideal for cooking. Thanks to the vitamin E it contains, olive oil is really healthy and it will also make your food stay tasty and fresh for longer.