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Horrific Video: This is How Lungs Look Like After Just 60 Cigarettes Smoked!

If you console yourself thinking that you do not smoke that much and that a few cigarettes will not do any harm to you, stop reading this article, because reality will punch you right in the face. We warn you that this video contains disturbing content.

Ryan Ay, professor from the Tung Chi Ying School in Hong Kong made a video to show his students how dangerous smoking is. The reason for making this step was his concern about the large number of students who decided to start smoking.

This video shows two pig lungs, and one of them is damaged – after just 60 cigarettes smoked. The lung that inhaled the cigarette smoke is visibly damaged and dark, and the trachea is also blocked from all the toxins, reports Daily Mail.

Au made this experiment by connecting both lungs to an air pump to simulate breathing. The lungs were healthy at the beginning of the experiment. One of the lungs was inhaling normal air, and the other a mixture of air and cigarette smoke, using 60 cigarettes.

You can clearly see the results in following video which, we repeat, contains disturbing content.

Source: Daily Mail.