Blackberry Wine – Powerful Remedy That You Can Make it At Home

You have probably heard about blackberry wine and its benefits. “Healing” is not enough to describe its power. It is an elixir of health, and it contains a lot of powerful ingredients which can revitalize and nourish every part of your body. If you still do not know how to make it, this article will sure help you…

Health Benefits

Blackberry wine is a perfect remedy for anemia, high triglycerides and blood cholesterol, weak immune system and poor general health. It is great blood purifier, cures skin diseases, improves mood and revitalizes the body. We hope these reasons are enough for you to try it…



You need 11 lbs/ 5 kg of blackberries and some sugar. Carefully wash the blackberries and put them in a large container. Start mashing them and it is best if you do it by hand. After the blackberries are well mashed, add 3.3 lbs /1.5 kg of sugar.

Be sure that the container is not full to the top, and leave at least two inches of free space. Cover the container with a gauze and store it in a cold place.

After ten days remove the thick layer on the surface using a spoon, and strain the liquid using a gauze. Leave it for another ten days. Then strain it again and keep the liquid in glass bottles. Cover the bottles with a gauze, and do not use a cork, because they may crack. Leave the bottles covered with gauze for a month, and then you can cork them.


Drink 3 oz/ 100 ml of the wine every morning and every evening. If you suffer from anemia, regularly practice the blackberry wine therapy for 3 months, and then consult your doctor. Blackberry wine is good for people of all ages, whether you have some health problem or not, it is a good prevention against many diseases and disorders, including cardiovascular and malignant diseases.