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Health Care Above All

What Makes Your Air Conditioner So Harmful To Your Health

It is summer and the temperature easily reaches its highest point. There is almost no family that did not afford to buy an air conditioner for the upcoming long and hot summer days. However, there are numerous studies that show how air conditioners are not a really good friend at all, even though they keep your home fresh and cool when the temperatures rise. Air conditioners not only affect your health, they can also be really dangerous if not cleaned properly and regularly.

Your air conditioner is a shelter for different bacteria and microorganisms, and legionella as the most dangerous of them all can cause fatal consequences. It develops and multiplies in improperly cleaned air conditioners, and the most common symptoms are weakness, fatigue, muscle pain, fever, cough (no expectoration), and if not discovered on time, this bacteria can cause even death.


It mostly affects people having problems with the respiratory tract, small children, people diagnosed with a chronic disease, alcoholics and old people.

Coxsackie virus is the second most dangerous threat caused by your air conditioner, and the number of people infected increases every day. This specific virus attacks the heart directly and it is believed to be associated with the constant use of air conditioners.

Your air conditioner could turn into a real nest of dangerous diseases if not cleaned regularly. Proper maintenance means thorough cleaning every six months, and if you live in a polluted area, you should do this more often. Clean it according to the weather changes, meaning you should clean it after every season ends, so before using it in summer, be sure to clean your air conditioner right after winter ends.

Regular and proper cleaning can protect you against these serious threats, but do not forget that improper cleaning can cause rhinitis, sinusitis, conjunctivitis, pneumonia, ear inflammation, asthma, irritation of the mucous membranes of the eyes, nose and throat, severe headache, fatigue and bad concentration.

However, if you still need some chill air in your home, feel free to use your air conditioner, but first be sure to check its condition, and if you decide to clean it yourself, use special cleaning products. Pay attention to the indoor and outdoor temperature difference – it should never be higher than six degrees, because every higher temperature difference can cause a serious shock to your body while you leave or enter your home.